Class 10 Real 16GB SDHC card High Quality SD Camera Memory Card + Package + Free Shipping + Gift card reader

Hello, friend. Today, another micro review of the memory card 16 GB. It was a miracle for a car dvr about a year ago. A reader was sent as a presentation, true for micro SD 🙂
He performs his tasks perfectly well, for the year he did not break, and there were no problems either. Read More

Seamless Lingerie

Hello! I found on Ali an interesting set of clothes with minuses and pluses. Who cares, I ask under the cat.
I'll start with the fitting, all on the same white background)

Delivery 16 days to Ukraine. Packed underwear in different bags. For the first time I see that a dimension table is printed on the package. Read More

Qian in-ear headphones 69.

Hello everybody. A little late, sick, I want to share a little review on the headphones QianYun-Qian69 from the store NiceHCK Audio Store. The review on these headphones has already been laid out by the respected kzndenis, but I will post my own, I still wrote).
As usual, the seller sent everything well packed, and after three weeks this box was received. Read More

4 floor 25688 1set / lots

Took for 95 now it is written 118. although if memory serves, when ordered it was also, but the discount price is 95, as now. I ordered and paid for - November 10th. Got it on December 31st. it was ordered to nephews, so there is not much pictures - I decided to write because the children are happy, and I am very glad that the children liked it. Read More

Sale of lamps from the company Arilux.

Hello! Arilux offers a sale on its IP65 waterproof lamps with motion sensors and solar power. There is also a discount on a good table lamp.
Under the cat there are 4 gifs of 2 MB each and links. To view the animations click on the pictures.
30 LED
$ 13.99

44 LED
$ 15.25

80 LED
23.89 $

$ 19.99

All street lamps are protected from rain according to the IP65 standard, you can adjust the brightness, react to movement. Read More

Car Magnetic Phone Holder for Floveme for $ 2.49

Magnetic holder on the car duct grate. Rotates 360 degrees (in one plane). Includes a metal plate that should be stuck on the phone cover (or on the bumper, or between the bumper and the phone). Price fluctuates, periodically sell even cheaper.

The seller also has a hinged version (more expensive)
Go to the store

Review of the Chinese factory jacket with biopuhom and the next series of photos of clothes with Aliexpress in the style of expectation and reality

An anti-braid is under the cut, whose hero is a plus-size down jacket with raccoon fur.
I approached the choice of a down jacket for mother very responsibly, for almost a week I was looking at products from different stores, but the choice of parameters that are slightly more than the standard 90-60-90 was very limited in Ali.

I made an order last winter for the Chinese New Year, so my photos are snowy winter. Read More

Class 10 full capacity 16GB 32GB micro sd card Free adapter. 32 Gig micro flash review

Good afternoon, Reader. Today there is a very small review of micro SD of 32 gigabytes. I hasten to disappoint you immediately: intrigue, loud scandals and whining will not.
I do not consider such a gruel worthy of photographing, so I’ll just give you the bare facts.
Real capacity - corresponds to (about 30 GB)
Class and write speed - does not match. Read More

Powerbank for 8pcs 18650 or almost “megabank”

Not far from me, several caravans flew by 8pcs 18650, one eventually sucked onto my table, “for experiments,” which I’ll tell you about in the mini review today.
You should probably immediately warn that thisThe power bank has in fact only one important feature, the ability to install a large number of batteries, otherwise it is quite simple and in fact nothing special and can not. Read More