Hares from China

Hello everybody!
An overview of such a hare was already here, actually withI thought of ordering this review, but somehow it did not work out. And on New Year's Eve I remembered about this toy, found a seller who sends 2 lots in a lot and ordered.
I placed the order on December 2, the hares cost me $ 13.4 (with a $ 1 coupon), the hope of getting them for the new year was small, and it turned out that they arrived at the end of January. Read More

OTG Card Reader

I bought a small card reader on Ali, which allows you to access MicroSD cards on a computer via a USB connector and on a smartphone / tablet via a MicroUSB connector.

At first I wanted to buy a flash drive with two connectors, and then I saw these card readers. I have a lot of MicroSD cards, so I got a flash drive for a hundred rubles. Read More

Popular Quilted Women Jacket + Accessories (Hot Sale 2014 Autumn Womens Fashion Cool Long Sleeve Coat Quilted Asymmetric Zip Jacket O-Neck Slim Casual Outerwear WF-5342

It is better to buy once - I thought, and, no matter how, risked to buy clothes on Ali.
And only good customer protection and the experience of 200 purchases did not let me doubt for a long time. Not even embarrassed by the low price. So, who often met, but did not dare to buy - TAKE!
The order is executed on 07/02, the dispatch is fast, 05/03 was at the post office (Donetsk, Ukraine). Read More

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Multi-Function Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Watch Fitness Belt Sport Calorie Fat Calculation 30 ~ 240 bpm Range

Hello. So the time has come for my first review of a product from the Middle Kingdom. Today in our studio we have a heart rate monitor with a chest belt. Bought for sports, in particular, cycling. An interesting device.
There will be many photos, join! )))
For a long time I chose among similar models on Ali and eventually settled on a device that was suitable for the price. Read More

Horse / Horse Mask

Hello to all!
Horse / Horse Mask is one of the most popular masks. And after all, but in the year of the Horse, this mask is relevant. I was thinking about buying it before the New Year, but I realized that I wouldn’t have time, and the Chinese post was very busy. In general, I ordered the mask on January 7, and picked it up this morning at the post office. Read More

ROCKSPACE Wireless Headphones Review: Headset Instruction & Sound Review

I’m somehow used to that in my big family,my headphones, quite by accident, may not be mine anymore. First, “May I take your headphones to listen? My atoms are lost (torn, stole, exploded, etc.) ”
And now I have no headphones / headset / tablet / player, etc. (and what can you do, children are children)
And now I again wander around the expanses of aliexpress in search of new headphones. Read More

ORICO MSG-U3 - box / case for mSATA drives or a very fast flash drive

In the center of attention is the aluminum box for SSD mSATA drives with usb 3.0 type “A”. Let's see what's inside and test with the Samsung 850 EVO.
Arrived in standard paper yellowenvelope. The original box is unusually high-quality (colorful), and asks for a showcase. I bought for 500r. ($ 8.5) using the in-app coin coupon. Read More

5 recorders at a glance: k5000, GS1000 and F8000

this review is a tribute to this community, as the people who wrote here saved them from buying bad things and helped in buying good things. There will be neither diframs, nor capacious epithets - briefly and to the point.
I chose reg for myself - initially so that you can see the numbers further away, in the process of operation, negligence came first, and because Read More