4.5W LED Module on SMD 2835 - Continued

For those who are not in the know, this is a continuation of the background of the review. Hot corn on LED 5730 for which it is not a shame, as always, a review, with a little history)))
As I already wrote in the review Hot corn on LED 5730 for which it is not a shame, I experimented with LED bulbs, in search of optimal working conditions, and a service life of several years. Read More

WeLoop Hey 3S GPS sport watch - Xiaomi smartwatch worth buying

First I wanted to name the review in the style of “regularsmart watches ”, but somehow the subject of review does not fall under this concept. To call a "fitness bracelet" is also somehow not the same. And all because this watch is in fact not yet “smart,” but it’s clearly not just a fitness bracelet. Here in today's review we will talk about fitness watches from WeLoop. Read More


DIY do-it-yourself dollhouse room kit.
Probably every girl’s dream is a puppethouse, and the more little things in it the better and more interesting. For a very long time I wanted to make a model of at least one room. But the materials and the lack of vivid imagination contributed to putting this dream into a distant box. Read More

Adhesive stickers for 3D printer

A small test of stickers for a table with a heated 3D printer.
These are pieces of plastic on a thin 3M tape.
Increase adhesion on a hot table - the part does not come off and the corners do not bend.
Well, the lower part turns out to be even and smooth, and not like on adhesive tape.
Under cat description and a little test. Read More

Overview of bluetooth headphones with Syllable D9X Aliexpress, how much and how to properly charge a bluetooth headset with support for A2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRCP / SPP profiles

Today we will consider a new bluetooth headset from the manufacturer Syllable.
The parcel was sent by Singapore post and the delivery time to Ukraine was 6 days.


• To synchronize with a smartphone, the Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR wireless protocol and support for A2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRCP / SPP profiles are used. Read More