Unusual watches

I'll start with the background. I was puzzled by the choice of hours. Due to the fact that I am blind, there were very few options. The vast majority of fellow misfortunes use :.
1. Talking watches that can be bought on the market for “3 kopecks”, they have a nasty croaking voice, and everyone around will hear the intention to find out the time. Read More

Folding Knife Ganzo G717

Hello! This is my first review, so don't kick your legs much
New model of a folding knife from the famous Chinese brand Ganzo. In short - a knife worth the money. If you are not afraid of some shortcomings, I recommend to buy. For details, I ask under the cat.
At one time I already played enough with the purchase of Chinese knives. Read More

Now popular “weather station”

And I was not spared a kind offer from the seller to review this device, for convenience I will call it a “meteorological station”.
Tremble, whistleblowers! This is claim 18, which means that practicing it will be replete with naive readers with biased persuasion and ordering the goods provided, closing their eyes to the shortcomings *
*but it is not exactly
So let's get started. Read More

QCY Q26 Mini Earphone Discount

Many were interested in these headphones in various reviews. I know there are at least 2 manufacturers of this type of headphones. Some of them, I reviewed here.
Now the price of one piece is $ 9.86 and the seller has a coupon for 1 from $ 1.01. The price is $ 8.86.
Coupon health check

Headphones of this type do not suit me, but the types of the auricle are different for everyone, maybe this product can be useful to anyone)
Enjoy the shopping! Read More

7 ″ Cube U25GT RK3168 dual core 512MB / 8GB WIFI 1024 * 600 Capacitive Screen PC free shippin

In the review, briefly about the tablet version of the pro and differencesfrom the U25GT repeatedly reviewed. Standard testing results. A little dismemberment. Briefly about the firmware. And quite a bit about the work on the tablet of some programs that I use. Who cares - I ask under the cat. Read More

BlitzWolf BW-S9 charger with QC3.0 support and output power up to 18W + cable

Nowadays, no one will be surprised by the network.chargers, which has in its arsenal support for protocols of modern technologies of accelerated charge. Of course, not a small number of them divorced, this is Quick Charge from Qualcomm and MTK-PE from MediaTek, FCP from Huawei, Dash Charge (OnePlus) and a dozen others. Read More

BlitzWolf BW-S4 charger with an honest power of 50 watts

Not so long ago, I posted a review of almost namelessa charger (power supply) with a voltage of 5 volts and a stated current of 7.2 amperes. I recall that as it turned out later, the real power was noticeably lower. Today I have on my desk a model from the more famous (although more likely from simply known) company BlitzWolf with the declared total output current up to 10 Amps. Read More

* Book * corners.

Sadly watching the corners of the leather coverPassports are getting worse, I decided to buy a new one. The old cover of the road is like a memory, was bought in Peterhof 20 years ago, served faithfully and sincerely regretted changing it.
But I saw these corners on sale and decided to extend the life of a good thing. Read More