2pcs Turtle Night Light Start Music Light Projector 4 Colors 4 Songs Star Lamp Sky Star Projector Baby Toys Lamp Projector Sky Musical nightlight “Turtle” projector of the starry sky.

Good day to all. Somehow we ordered 2 turtles with nightlights for children from Ali. We saw such friends - the children really liked it. In short - definitely take, details under the cut
The parcel took a very long time from payment to receipt of 80 days:

10.24.2013 12:44:00. Read More

External disk with WLAN router

Quite an interesting device, which extremely successfully fit into my traveling life.
This miracle of Chinese technology includes:
- external drive with USB 3.0 interface
- WLAN router
- 3000 mAh battery
All these features can be combined, and as a result, the device can also work as:
- network (Etnernet or WLAN) disk, which can work independently
- charger for mobile phone or tablet
Showed to colleagues - they also desired, as a result of which three pieces were ordered with a corresponding discount. Read More

Xiletu XS-20 Tripod

Today I will talk about a small tripod productionXiletu. Having used a large tripod QZSD Q666, I wanted to supplement a small tripod to use for action cameras and mirrorless in some cases.

Tripod comes in such a blister

Tripod summary at the back

Folded Dimensions

in the hand

You can unscrew the ball head from the tripod (1/4 "thread)

The tripod is made of plastic, only the ball in the tripod head is made of aluminum. Read More

Zomei Q111 Tripod

“I take pictures because I still do not know how to do this. If he could, then he would stop. ”
Joseph Sudek, photographer.
Yeah, the art of photography leaves fewindifferent. So this fate befell me, the result of which was the acquisition of my first Canon. After a certain period of time, having studied in practice the operation of the camera, I plunged into the wonderful and boundless vast world of terribly useful, necessary or simply elegant accessories. Read More

Overview of a flashlight with warm bright yellow light and a temperature of 3000 K, quality and dimensions of the case

I want to tell not even about the flashlight, but the light temperature of the diode, it is very unusual for flashlights.
I did not order this flashlight, it came in addition to the main order as a gift. It is interesting to me that the diode gives out warm light with a temperature of 3000K.

There is a slight deviation, most diode lamps have a cold white light, more than 7000K, although now they are increasingly shifting to the warmer (5000K-6000K) side of the spectrum. Read More

Wavlink dual-dock dock.

Hello everyone. Today we will look at one interesting thing, though not everyone needs it, namely the docking station for hard drives from Wavlink model ST334U.
Because of their work, they often have to do copying from hard drives, cloning them, copying part of the data from one to one, so we ordered a model from Agestar for work. Read More

Xiletu TB255A + B36 tripod - when every penny is justified

Greetings to all!
Today we will focus on a quality tripod from the manufacturer Xiletu.
Manufacturer Xiletu specializes in the production of photo and video accessories, mainly tripods. there is your sitewhere you can read about the company and see all the products.
I already have one tripod from this manufacturer, an overview of which can be read here. Read More

New Year Fashion Women Warm Winter Skinny Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Free

Having succumbed to a share from Ali - buy through the application and get a discount of 2 cu, I have nothing to do “bought”. Rather, I bought leggings for my wife.
At the time of purchase, the product was in group transactions at a price of 2.99 cu, taking into account purchases through a mobile application, the product came out with free delivery at 0.99 cu .. Read More